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How to monitor resource utilization in Azure

Monitoring the utilization of your resources is a critical aspect of cloud computing. Companies rely heavily on cloud services to host their applications and data in today’s fast-paced digital world. However, with increased reliance on cloud services comes the need to better understand and control resource utilization. This is where Azure Monitoring comes in. In …

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What is Performance in Cloud Computing

In the age of technology, more and more businesses of all sizes are turning to cloud computing to support operations and meet the growing demands of customers. While the benefits of cloud computing are well known – increased flexibility, scalability and cost savings – it’s important to consider the performance of cloud-based systems. From frustrated …

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Common AWS vulnerabilities

Have you ever wondered about the security of your AWS environment? With the growing popularity of cloud computing, it’s more important than ever to understand the common vulnerabilities that arise in AWS environments and what you can do to avoid them. In this step-by-step guide, we will cover the most common AWS vulnerabilities and highlight …

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How to setup cloud server for small business

Honestly managing a small business can be a demanding task, but with the benefit of cloud computing, it can streamline your operations and improve your overall performance. A cloud server is a powerful utility that provides you with scalable resources, reduced IT costs and top-notch data security. Let’s start, simply choose the cloud service provider …

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AWS Macie vs Azure

Protect your valuable data with ease using state of the art cloud-based security solutions, AWS Macie and Azure Information Protection. Brought to you by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft, these solutions are designed to keep your sensitive data safe by automatically discovering it, categorizing it, and implementing strong protection tools such as encryption, rights …

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AWS inspector vs Azure defender

Protecting your cloud resource is critical in today’s digital era. With the increasing use of cloud technology, it is vital to ensure that your resources are protected from potential security threats and compliance breaches. That’s where AWS Inspector and Azure Defender come in which are offered from top 2 tier cloud providers Amazon and Microsoft …

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On premise to cloud migration strategy

For many companies, the shift from on-premises infrastructure to cloud computing has been a game changer. Indeed cloud offers scalability, reliability and cost efficiencies that traditional on-premises systems simply can’t match. Moving from a physical storefront to an online marketplace is like moving from on-premises to the cloud. Cloud has many advantages. But you need …

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AWS GuardDuty vs Azure Security center

Think of AWS GuardDuty and Azure Security Center like bodyguards for your cloud. Both are offered by cloud providers, AWS and Microsoft respectively, and their main job is to keep your cloud environment safe from any potential dangers. AWS GuardDuty acts like a detective, constantly monitoring and analyzing log data from different AWS services, such …

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